Cloud accounting behind Ecology by Design

At Ecology by Design we are really interested in new technologies and innovative ideas to streamline both the ecology services that we offer and the business systems we use behind the scenes. We run a completely paperless cloud based office that utilises cloud hosted software and apps to ensure a smooth, efficient business practice when ever and where ever needed.

We use a cloud based accounting software called Xero ( to keep track of the finances of the company and to form a more efficient relationship with my accountant ( Xero originated in New Zealand but has quickly spread across the globe to compete with more traditional accounting packages such as Sage or Quickbooks. After careful analysis of all packages, Xero stood out head and shoulders above the others.

Xero includes various features that link together ensuring a smooth process and reduces the amount of time you need your accountant. Being able to access Xero on the move over mobile devices such as phones and tablets means that those moments you are sat on a train heading to a client meeting can now be utilised. Submitting invoices, chasing outstanding payments, reconciling transactions and much more can be achieved through a touch of a button. A large app library also means you can integrate other software packages such as customer relationship managers (CRM).

I strongly recommend you explore using Xero and with new features being added all the time (payroll being added in the next few months) you would be a fool not to take a look at it.